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Kskin Pte Ltd

Kskin is a profitable, fast growing facial and skincare franchise.

Singapore’s Number 1 Korean Express Facial Chain

Kskin is Singapore’s leading brand in Korean Express Facial. With a current retail presence of 23 outlets in Singapore, Kskin is still growing at a rapid pace and is poised to reach its target goal of 50 outlets by the end of 2023.

One of the reasons behind the extraordinary success of Kskin can be attributed to its unique market positioning of offering a revolutionary “No Package”, “No Appointment”', “No Frills”, “ No Hard Selling” express facial service experience to our customers. Using specially formulated, pharmaceutical grade skin care products coupled with the efficiency of cutting edge skin treatment machine technology, customers are amazed by the results and efficiency of the treatments they have received.Many of them can testify to visible skin condition improvements even after just going through 15 minutes of express facial treatment at Kskin!

A Brand Poised For Exponential Growth

With a well formulated franchise business opportunity that includes a proven business system, convenient customer experience and comprehensive support to our franchisees.

Ever since the brand was launched, we have expanded rapidly and Kskin has witnessed the success of our local franchisees in their business. We have a track record of enabling franchisees to grow from a single outlet owner, to owning multiple outlets and enjoying economies of scale.

With the benefits of time-proven results and success stories of our franchisees, Kskin is poised to grow from strength to strength. We are looking for passionate and dynamic entrepreneurs like yourself to expand our brand internationally. Join us today on this exciting and profitable entrepreneurial journey as we partner you to bring Kskin, a proven Korean-themed quick facial brand, to your chosen country.

Our committed franchise development management team from Singapore HQ will provide you with the expertise and strategic guidance you will need once your business is up and running.

With ongoing support from our dedicated business development, marketing and operations team, you can be assured of the ease of scaling up kcuts and duplicating the same level of business success in your own country.

The Kskin Advantage:

  1. High Profit Margin & Low Set Up Cost: Kskin only requires a small retail footprint to operate an outlet and unlike traditional beauty salons, Kskin does not need a waterpoint at its retail location. This means the capital expenditure (investment) per outlet is extremely affordable and the franchise business can be easily scalable.
  2. Seamless Cashless Transaction: Be assured of zero cash proliferation in your business operations. Kskin uses an automated self payment kiosk concept without a need for our therapists to handle cash payment by customers. Our franchisees can keep a close monitoring on their outlet performance with timely data feedback to ensure they improve their business profitability and manpower efficiency.
  3. Superior Pharmaceutical Grade Products: Using specially formulated, pharmaceutical grade skin care products, coupled with the efficiency of cutting edge skin treatment machine technology, customers are amazed by the results and efficiency of the treatments they have received at Kskin.
  4. Multiple Income Revenue: Besides offering facial treatments, Kskin provides our customers the option of purchasing our homecare skincare products and serums that they can incorporate into their daily skincare routine. This creates a lucrative and powerful source of additional repeat revenue for our franchisees to exponentially increase their business turnover without the need to further increase any manpower cost.
  5. High Repeat Business: Having regular facials is a necessary part of a healthy skin care regime. Customers will return regularly for their facials at an average repeat rate of between 1-2 weeks. This pattern of repeat consumption is an extremely attractive business opportunity.
  6. Unique Market Positioning: With a unique market positioning of offering a revolutionary “No-Package”, “No-Appointment” no-frills, no “hard-selling” express facial service experience for our customers, Kskin sets itself apart from the market competition and is enjoying a growing trend of customers preferring a pay per use consumption pattern (instead of experiencing “hard-selling” and having to commit to prepaid beauty packages)
  7. High Demand: Being conveniently located at residential enclaves and transport nodes, Kskin serves a growing market of savvy consumers looking for high quality and affordable facial services, without a need to commit to prepaid beauty packages. The overwhelming popularity enjoyed by Kskin is a testament of the visible skin results seen by our customers, at the optimal market price point customers can afford to enjoy their facials on a regular basis.
  8. Stable & Recession Proof Business: Being at an affordable price point means everyone can enjoy a facial regularly at Kskin. Data has also proven that during an economic slowdown, the number of Kskin customers will enjoy an upswing, as more customers tighten their belt and skip their regular (more pricey) beauty salons to opt for a quick facial service instead as part of their regular skin care regimes.

Achieve Glowing Skin with Kskin!

Using Korean-themed proprietary skin treatments as well as pharmaceutical grade solutions and serums, Kskin strives to provide our customers with customized skincare treatments, where our therapists will assess our customers’ skincare conditions before recommending the most appropriate treatment to help customers achieve their individual beauty goals.

To cater to expanding into the international markets, our Kskin research and development team will assess each market customer demographics and skincare concerns to develop customized treatments to address the ever changing needs of our customers.

Kskin prioritizes working closely with well-established local pharmacists in Singapore to conduct research and development of our own in-house skin care product range. Kskin partners with Singapore and international GMP certified derma research and production facilities with the highest manufacturing standards, to formulate and produce our range of products and in-house treatment solutions.

Kskin believes in constantly improving our service and product offerings by continuously investing our resources to launch new exciting products and treatments, so as to cater to the ever changing skin concern of our customers. Coupled with the latest in skin care machine technology, we strive to provide our customers with a comfortable facial experience and most importantly, to achieve proven visible results even in a short express facial session. Kskin positions our service to address our customers’ need for time efficiency, affordable pricing and location convenience while achieving their non-compromising skincare goals.

Turn Your Dream Into Reality Now!

Be part of the “K-revolution” to bring Kskin to your country! With a vision to grow the Kskin brand internationally, we are looking for partners who are passionate and excited to bring a proven, no frills Korean-themed express facial concept to your target market.

Kskin is ready to expand internationally! If you are a dynamic, empathetic entrepreneur, with a passion in helping people around you to achieve their best, and you are able to connect easily and quickly with people and your communities. Also, if you have the hunger and desire to succeed, armed with a positive attitude and mindset, we will love to have a chat with you!

Inquiring about the Kskin franchise is a first great step towards owning your very own successful business!

Connect with us today and we look forward to growing the Kskin brand together with you!

Don’t wait to take control of your future.
Learn how you can start your Kskin franchise today!
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  • Kskin Pte Ltd
  • Kskin Pte Ltd
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