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Free Webinar: Google and Jeff on consumer trends

Next Thursday, 4th June, Jeff and Google will be organising a webinar about how the latest changes in consumer trends will affect franchises in the laundry, fitness and beauty sectors.


The panel will be formed by Luis Berzal Higuera, analytics consultant at Google, and the heads of each of Jeff vertical. Toni Naturil from Beauty Jeff, Diego Moya from Fit Jeff and Vicente Pérez from Mr Jeff. They will be led by Damien Peters, interim VP of Product at Chameleon.

In the Asia region, the webinar will take place at:

● 17:00 h Indonesia-Jakarta/Vietnam/Thailand (GMT+7)

● 18:00 h Hong Kong/the Philippines/Singapore (GMT+8)

The webinar will be streamed through Zoom ( and Youtube


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