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Eazi-Apps Show Proactive Innovation

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Eazi-Apps have always shown proactive innovation throughout business and their technology is no exception to this. Eazi-Apps understand the digital sector is an ever-evolving industry and ensures to remain pioneers of new and cutting edge platform developments.

Eazi-Apps development team have been rolling out a series of updates to ensure enterprise level stability. This has involved;

  • Over 3,000 man-hours of development.
  • Evaluating and implementing over 130 improvements.
  • Cleaned up over 800,000 lines of code to ensure the platform is as efficient and user friendly for global partners.
  • Upgraded to a faster and more scalable server infrastructure.
  • Carried out 2,500 end-to-end testing scenarios.

Eazi-Apps are also preparing for SCA (strong customer authentication) for all integrated payment gateways.

Zakir Daud, CEO of Eazi-Apps, commented: “The introduction of our newest platform updates signifies our commitment to improving and building Eazi-Apps for the benefit of our partners globally.”


Eazi-Apps focus on ensuring their partners are supported in all aspects of business is the reason why they have been able to establish a substantial global network of successful licensees.


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