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Eazi-Apps’ Support Team Launch World-Class New Helpdesk

After a recent recruitment drive to grow its dynamic team of specialists, the team has been working tirelessly on developing new ways to help Eazi-Apps partners build great looking apps with innovative features for businesses from a wide range of industries. A brand new support helpdesk is the latest addition to the world-class business-in-a-box solution offered by Eazi-Apps.

The past few months have seen the support team creating and curating articles, guides and technical information spanning a wide array of subjects related to running an app-building business. From publishing and functionality to design tips and FAQs, the new Helpdesk is a vast source of crucial information for Eazi-Apps partners. With the constant evolution of the app-building platform, it is essential that the network of mobile specialists is up to speed on new features and improvements and how to get the most out of the cutting edge functionality available in Eazi-Apps’ technology. This drive is in keeping with Eazi-Apps’ ever-growing commitment to the learning and development of its partners to ensure the success of their individual businesses.

The helpdesk was officially launched in early February 2019 and access to it has been granted to the entire network. Head of Technical Support at Eazi-Apps, James Mohamed said, “We are really pleased to have launched this great new resource for our partners to benefit from. The team have worked very hard to produce invaluable content for the new helpdesk and the feedback so far has been extremely positive. I’m looking forward to working with new partners going forward”.

Eazi-Apps have helped more than 250 entrepreneurs worldwide fulfil their potential and launch successful app building businesses with no coding skills.

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