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Testimonial: Ann Cheong, Eye Level Franchisee in Kuantan

“I would say Eye Level Malaysia has developed the most effective and efficient business models for franchisees."

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Ann Cheong, franchisee with Eye Level for one year, shares her story and her advice:

"I have been working in education field for the past five years right since I graduated from my university. My dream was to become an educator, a teacher! I started laying eyes on children learning centres and soon found out about Eye Level through my cousin whose sons were studying at Eye Level Melaka. Their math improved tremendously and they liked the class so much. Frankly, I have visited some children learning programmes and I still find Eye Level provides the best learning environment and teaching method, especially with the Critical Thinking Math.

Flexible working hours and the Self-Directed-Learning (SDL) method makes the instructor’s job easier, plus nurturs good learning habits. Instructors have more time to observe the child’s progress and to provide appropriate guidance. I feel very accomplished when I am able to aid my students’ learning difficulties. I also feel appreciated when the parents came back with good feedback.

My staff and I were trained by the professional trainers in Eye Level Malaysia. They ensured that we were well prepared before we started operating the centre. We are grateful that our area manager is a responsible person. He will call us from time to time to make sure things run smoothly in our centre. We felt supported by HQ in every way.

I would say Eye Level Malaysia has developed the most effective and efficient business models for the franchisees. We aim to be the most reputable children learning centre on the East Coast. One of our goals is to be able to nurture a group of self-directed, self-confident and self-motivated students.

The winning strategy is to never stop promoting your centre. Make good use of the Eye Level promotional items. Distribute flyers to schools and kindergartens. We also hold events suggested by HQ such as Praise Day, ELMO, ELLA, Christmas Party and etc.

These events help to create higher awareness and become a good reason for the potential client to visit your centre. Never get too comfortable with the number of students that you have enrolled. There is always space for improvement.

Fuel yourself with positivity and that vibe will take you far. We were once very upset with the withdrawal of a group of students during Raya time. It was discouraging but we understand that students will come and go. We have to do our best to retain the existing students and to bring in new students.

One must have a passion for teaching and never get bored dealing with children. Besides that, one should also be resourceful and positive. With the support, services and materials provided by HQ, centre operation can be at ease. Everything will be hands-on in no time! We just have to follow the guidelines given. Be cooperative and creative!" 


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