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This is your opportunity to join BFT, Australia’s fastest growing and most advanced fitness franchise, providing results focused and time efficient workout programs.

Body Fit Training (BFT) - Your Perfect Fitness Partner

Where Are We As A Brand?

After launching franchise sales in April 2018, BFT now has over 250 open sites globally while selling over 600+ territories across 7 countries!

Since then BFTs brand has continued it's rapid growth across Australia. With 250+ studios opened globally, with another 100+ forecasted in the next 12 months

Please see below an overview of where BFT is currently at, along with a snapshot of our year ahead:
  • 250 operational studios - with over 600+ franchises sold globally
  • 100+ BFT franchises forecasted to open across the next 12 months
  • Successful studios across 6 countries - Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, England, Canada & USA!
  • We are also excited to launch our first BFT studios across Hong Kong, Spain + more in the coming months!
  • Studios that are 2+ years or older have an average of 270+ members
  • BFT has ranked 4th on the Australian Financial Reviews 2023 Fast Global List! This is a testament to our franchise network’s dedication, our team’s hard work, and the quality product we deliver to our growing member base.
  • Over the past 18 months BFT studios are opening with an average of 155 members on day one!

The Training:

Our sessions are structured similarly to those of elite athletes and are measured to ensure optimum results utilising the most innovative technology within the industry.

At BFT, we’ve incorporated scientifically proven training techniques aimed at reducing fat and creating lean muscle into a variety of 50-minute training sessions.

High levels of visual content showcasing our programs are shown on multiple digital displays throughout the studio and allow our coaches to spend more time concentrating on our members!

The Franchisee:

If you’re motivated, committed, and seeking a rewarding opportunity in the fitness industry with a fresh, exciting and innovative brand, then this could be the perfect partnership for you.

We’re looking for either fitness industry “owner-operators” wanting to work in the business with a hands-on approach; or entrepreneurs keen to drive new sources of income by appointing studio managers on their behalf. Either way, we’re sure you’ll be impressed with the way we do things here at BFT.

We’ll provide you with a cutting-edge training system, a compelling cash flow opportunity, a commitment from us that’s based on fairness and support to help you succeed, and an exploding brand that your members will love!

We are seeking single & multi-unit franchisees – history proves that first to market franchisees traditionally do exceptionally well. With our previous first to market franchisee seeing exceptional growth and often re-investing and growing to multiple BFT franchises.

The Model:

With a very compelling financial model due to low overheads at start up, high margins per member, and low operating costs... meaning break even and payback of investment is attractive, and ongoing profit per year (based on current established studios) is significant.
  • ATTRACTIVE SHORT- AND LONG-TERM cash flow financial model.
  • BIGGER TERRITORIES (than elsewhere in the industry) with better opportunities and significant value-adds.
  • If you are looking to invest in a fitness franchise, then look no further than BFT – get in contact to discuss financial model further.

What Sets Us Apart - For Franchisees

  • A PHILOSOPHY OF FAIRNESS ABOVE ALL ELSE where we operate with our franchisees in mind in everything we do. A “true working relationship” between franchisee and franchisor that isn’t just rhetoric – it’s at the core of how we do business.
  • A PROVEN, ROBUST AND ATTRACTIVE INVESTMENT returns proposition with minimum break-even and cash flow positive timeframes. As evidenced globally, low set up costs and high margins create the right formula for success.
  • BIGGER, BETTER, FAIRER TERRITORIES. Generous, guaranteed minimum number of residents / office workers with a genuine property mix and demographic profile opportunity to secure the right footprint.
  • INDUSTRY LEADING, CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY developed over 4 years by the BFT Founder, together with the best partnerships in the fitness industry space. We’ll be first with the new fitness trends and ensure your members stay engaged and excited by our constantly evolving and developing programs.
  • THE BEST EQUIPMENT ON THE MARKET that is both reliable and will significantly enhance your offering and set you apart from competitors.
  • QUARTERLY TRAINING DAYS with industry-leading expert speakers, new releases of programs, new staff training and orientation of the BFT System etc.
  • ONGOING, 24/7 SUPPORT from HQ. From operations / logistics to basic HR, legal and P&L reporting information, so you know someone’s there for you when you need.

What Sets Us Apart - For Members

  • PROVEN ELITE high performance group training methods that are tailored to delivering the best results for every stage of fitness.
  • MASSIVE VARIETY OF 50 MINUTE PROGRAMS from cardio, strength, functional, core stability, fight fit and pump (plus many more) that are never the same and will never get you bored.
  • PROGRESSION-BASED PROGRAMS enabling better, faster and more consistent long-term benefits.
  • COMPREHENSIVE TRACKING of your performance.
  • UNLIMITED ACCESS TO ANY STUDIO. Train at any one of our studios, whenever you want! NO LOCK IN CONTRACT
  • A UNIQUE COMMUNITY ENVIRONMENT that builds lasting friendships and networks while having fun

The Next Steps

To learn more about this incredible franchise opportunity, simply click below for further information:

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Opportunities available in China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam
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