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The cleaning industry is booming! From residential cleaning, to commercial cleaning, to carpet cleaning, and to even clothing and dry cleaning the opportunities are endless. For your opportunity to be part of this stable and highly profitable industry, view the following list of cleaning franchises.
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Trends and Facts About Cleaning Franchises

Every organization needs a cleaning service, and many hard-working professionals require cleaners to maintain their homes while they’re out earning a living.

Whether it's an office or a shop, a school or a restaurant, a hospital, or a newsstand, high-quality cleaning services are in high demand; maintaining the presentation of public and private spaces.

Cleaning franchises are among the most popular branches of the franchise sector - providing valuable services for a wide range of the business and consumer market.

Cleaning services are widely considered to be recession-proof - regardless of the financial markets, businesses will always need cleaners.

Commercial franchise cleaning businesses provide 10% of the total revenues derived from the cleaning industry, while office buildings comprise the largest segment of contracts.

Are you interested in going into business for yourself with a cleaning franchise?

Read on.


Franchising helps your new business thrive by benefiting from the hard-earned reputations of existing brands.

Adopting a recognizable brand is a wise business choice because it brings with it an existing reputation and a history of profit, sustainable growth, and carefully-planned expansion.

Franchising allows new business owners to tap into existing markets, making a franchise business an attractive proposition for banks and funders.

Banks Lend To Franchises

Banks are more likely to lend much-needed start-up collateral to franchise businesses because of the associated stability in an existing, proven and profitable business model.

Private investors and banks favor the franchise model because of the established credentials that come with recognizable brands:

  • A proven record of growth
  • Stability of business model
  • Future financial potential

Franchises are supported by a robust financial infrastructure and a track record of growth, turnover, and an existing customer base. Banks know that their money is safer with franchises, with a higher likelihood of a healthy return on their investment.

Other stats:

  • Home & Laundry care services bring in over $60 million to Asian economies each year.
  • There’s a 2.3% year on year growth of the cleaning services sector throughout Asia.
  • Asia accommodates 60% of the planet’s population - 4.5 billion people throughout 49 nations.
  • Asia is a significant financial player in terms of GDP, earning $65.5 trillion in 2019.

What type of cleaning franchises are on offer?

Cleaning franchises offer services to other businesses that need affordable solutions for building maintenance.

As well as cleaning - vacuuming, dusting, polishing, mopping, etc. - cleaning franchises include Home & Laundry care, providing laundry and cleaning services to the consumer sector.

Cleaning services need supplies, of course - of detergents, polishes, room perfumes, and insecticides. There's a massive market in businesses that offer cleaning supplies to companies that provide cleaning services.

Franchise vs. Independent

Many independent companies fold within two years of trading. This is because it takes time to build a reputation, and the early years of any business can be slow.

However, franchises offer stability from the start because consumers already recognize and trust the brand, negating the risks of early years’ cash flow crisis.

Almost 50% of independent start-ups go under within those critical first two years. Franchising offers a secure route to growing a business.


Explore our cleaning franchises and find a new path to a rewarding approach to being your own boss.

Purchase a franchise today from Franchise Direct.

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