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Hologram zoo is a family entertainment center just like a normal zoo except all the animals are hologram projections made out of laser light. Be a part of the hologram revolution!

The Hologram Revolution

Hologram Zoo is a new sort of entertainment center that uses lasers and hologram technology to make animals and artificial places appear all around the guests. Nothing like this has been seen before and it was one of the finalists for Time Magazine’s technology of the year. This is the world’s newest most high tech entertainment chain!

How It Works

Hologram Zoo is made up of special equipment consisting of two enclosures that project multiple different hologram animals, a 62 foot hologram tunnel, and a holographic sky roof. This equipment is very portable as it was originally created for traveling museum shows. You buy the equipment and then either set it up as a permanent installation or take it traveling from place to place.

Customers visit the center and pay for the experience. The experience lasts for around 30 minutes for a single session or around an hour for a double session. There are many different hologram shows, so customers can visit multiple times for different experiences.

Why Franchise?

  • Brand new type of technology that has never been seen before.
  • Highly profitable trials.
  • Significant worldwide media attention so far (over 110 articles, including Wired and BBC).
  • You can regularly change the content to keep people coming back.
  • Five full 30 minute hologram shows already created with more being produced.
  • The parent company Axiom Holographics is a world leader in hologram technology and their customers include: Bentley, Airbus, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Four Seasons resort etc.
  • Awarded Top Invention of 2023 for TIME Magazine alongside Apple.

Training & Support

We provide our franchise owners with ongoing training and support, this includes:
  • For five years you will be entitled to up to 20 hours of phone or web support per year
  • As part of the original price we will leave you with a spare unit of each type of computer as well as a spare of each type of projector. We will train you in how to swap them over if a problem occurs.
  • We will have a meeting with you each quarter to show successful techniques that others are using in advertising. We will also speak to you about new shows that are in development, and look after you in whatever reasonable ways we can.

Key Franchise Features

At Hologram Zoo, we use a brand-new technique that uses lasers to project holograms in the air. This is a new technology that Axiom Holographics created, and patented. No other organization has this sort of technology or anything like it.

You will begin with 5 shows. These are: Africa, Polar, Australia, Asia and Dinosaurs. These generally go for around 30 minutes each. Which consists of 5 tunnel journeys, 8 enclosures, 4 sky roofs.

Over the next five years you will receive a minimum of one new show per year.

Shipping of the equipment to you is not included in the price and will cost extra. The cost will depend on your location.

Axiom Holographics Financial Data
The following financial information was provided by Axiom Holographics to give you more information about the costs associated with a Axiom Holographics opportunity
Minimum Investment Required:
Licensing Fee
USD $50,000 per year
Axiom Holographics News

Axiom Holographics wins TIME Best Inventions of 2023

May 03, 2024
We are honored to have been selected as one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2023. We share this year’s award with Apple’s new AR Glasses, Apple Vision Pro.

Axiom Holographics wins GOLD at the Edison Awards

May 03, 2024
We’re excited to share that Axiom Holographics has been honored with the prestigious Edison Award, recognizing our innovative contributions to the industry. The Edison Awards celebrate excellence in innovation. Winning this esteemed award validates our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and highlights the hard work of our team.
Hologram Zoo AS
Hologram Zoo AS
Hologram Zoo AS
Hologram Zoo AS
Axiom Holographics
Axiom Holographics
Axiom Holographics
Available Locations:
Opportunities available in Philippines, Singapore, and South Korea.
Business Type:
Training Provided:
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