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The food franchise industry is the number one franchise industry to invest in both globally and locally in India. Choose from fast food franchises, health food franchises, ice-cream franchises and much more. Invest in the multi-billion dollar food franchise industry and earn your slice of success!
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Duck Donuts is a premier shop offering a unique and engaging experience, with donuts always made to order.
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Join one of the fastest growing entities in the food and beverages industry. We are now expanding globally.
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A kitchen with a passion for authentic flavor, made-from-scratch menu items and quality ingredients that is on the verge of evolution as we get ready to take our concept to other communities in the nation by franchising!
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Own your futurew with a beer and restaurant franchise
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Trends and Facts About Food Franchises

The Asian table is full of exotic flavors; from spicy to sweet, from umami to sour, from salty to bitter.

Asian food is rarely bland, exciting the taste-buds with a myriad of wild flavor sensations, unusual ingredients, and unconventional combinations.

If food is your passion, then consumers throughout the entire Asian continent are hungry for high-quality ingredients, imaginative inventions, and authentic representations of stunning national dishes.

Expect to work long and hard hours in the food industry, but the rewards are many, while satisfaction is high.

Explore our food franchise offerings throughout the entire continent of Asia.


Franchising offers a unique opportunity to benefit from the stability of successful businesses with a clear history of profit and carefully-planned expansion.

Existing companies come with established reputations, along with a record of excellent customer care and customer satisfaction. Therefore, taking on an existing brand is a wise move for anyone hoping to go into business for themselves.

Building a reputation from scratch takes time and lots of effort. That period of establishment for new start-ups can cause genuine cash-flow problems, with many independent companies going bust before they achieve critical mass.

Franchising, however, provides an “oven-ready” reputation, helping you establish your new business in agreeable conditions.

Banks Lend To Franchises

Private companies often struggle to gather together the funds they need to get started.

However, banks and private financiers usually consider franchise businesses to be of a lower financial risk than companies starting up from scratch. This is because franchises are built on solid, tested economic foundations.

Franchises are built on solid financial models, complete with a portfolio of prior profit, providing the confidence that lenders need.

Franchising presents a more certain path for those planning to go into business for themselves.

The Asian Franchise Market

The food franchise market makes for the largest market share in the franchise sector, with seven out of ten of the top ten international franchise businesses being food outlets.

Asia is the second most prolific sector for franchise businesses. The Asian franchise sector is almost four times the size of the North American franchise industry.

Other stats:

  • The Asian economy is made up of 60% of the world's population - that's 4.5 billion people across 49 nations.
  • The GDP of the Asian continent was $65.44 trillion in 2019

What type of food businesses can you franchise?

The most popular food franchises are fast food outlets. McDonald’s is the largest international franchise business, with outlets across every continent.

As well as fast food, food delivery chains are a popular choice, offering pizzas, kebabs, curries and stews, street food, soups, sandwiches, ice cream, and snacks.

Additionally, it’s possible to find franchises for formal restaurants and cafes, as well as barbecue- and grill-based chains.

Franchise vs. Independent

Starting an independent business is fraught with financial risks, but franchises offer a far more stable route into self-employment.

As many as half of all independent start-up businesses fail to reach beyond the first two years of trade, while franchises offer a more secure choice.


Explore our food franchise opportunities and open a new unit today.

Don’t just dream of becoming your own boss - go for it. It’s within your reach.

Purchase a franchise today from Franchise Direct.

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