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Best.Energy offers a world-leading Cleantech Business Opportunity. We are actively seeking new distribution partners to help expand our market share in the recession-proof energy efficiency market.

Fight Climate Change. Build Your Business. Profit With Integrity.

Start a Green Energy Business

Best.Energy offer new partners access to a range of proven energy efficiency products and a ready-made business model to deliver them. That includes our flagship energy management system ‘Eniscope’, currently in operation on every continent around the world with companies like IBM, 7-Eleven, KFC, Walmart and Jaguar Land Rover.

Why is now the perfect time?

The world faces a substantial economic contraction due to the COVID-19 outbreak and, very sadly, many companies will suffer.

But the energy efficiency industry goes from strength to strength. Why? Because in times of recession, companies always seek to cut costs. That’s where you come in.

Our partners deliver for their clients 20% or more energy savings. And what’s more, we teach them how to deliver this on a ‘shared savings’ basis—4x more profitable than CapEx and it means you don’t have to charge your clients anything up-front. You get paid substantial recurring revenue from the energy savings you deliver.

Delivering 20% cost reduction and not charging a penny to do so? A pretty recession-proof offering and one that is hugely successful worldwide.

Training & Support

Much like a traditional franchise, Best.Energy provides marketing, sales and technical support—including live demos, accompanied site visits and digital training courses.

The strength of the training is such that no prior experience in the energy efficiency industry is required; our experts will teach you all you need to know face-to-face in our digital training.

  • Your new product range;
  • Marketing to & approaching potential clients;
  • How to master the sales process & upsell;
  • How to smoothly handle and grow a business based on consistent revenue;
  • How to use Best.Energy's expert technical support to full advantage.

The Business Model

The Best.Energy opportunity benefits from a well-established, proven business model that we have developed over more than 20 years in the industry. It is used by over 100 partners in locations all around the world and is the basis for huge, multi-million dollar projects—like our current $500m Eniscope rollout in Hillsborough Schools District, USA (see the ‘Videos’ section).

During your training, you will learn the details of a simple 10-step process to piecing together shared savings deals. Every step of the process is supported by guides, templates and assets ready-made for your immediate use, so you can hit the ground running from day 1.

You will also benefit from a business model that delivers both lump sum and recurring revenue opportunities—crucial for building value in your business. Whether this is a long-term focus for you, or a venture you’d like to build and sell on—there is huge scope for both.

The Technology

As part of your partnership with Best.Energy, you receive exclusive access to a ready made ‘suite’ of technologies designed to work in harmony to deliver energy cost savings.

At the center of those technologies is the Eniscope, the world’s most complete energy monitoring platform. Eniscope is a combined hardware and software system designed to measure energy consumption in commercial buildings. It provides real time, second-by-second data at the circuit level—allowing our partners to clearly identify where energy is being wasted.

It makes energy visible, which is the first step in any strong energy management project. It is the most comprehensive and effective product of its kind in a global industry that is growing at 12% annually. Meaning our partners are extremely well placed to benefit from that growth.

Once monitoring is established, it’s easy to highlight where energy can be saved and, with Best.Energy products to target refrigeration, cooking loads, air conditioning, voltage optimization and more at your disposal—you’ll be perfectly placed to do so.

Bill Gross [US Investor
Reinventing energy is a multi-trillion dollar opportunity.
Businessmen and women around the world are starting to take advantage.

Learn how to join them!

Request more information below now to get in touch and take the next steps.


Despite the curve-balls that COVID-19 has thrown at us all in the last year, Best.Energy have powered on - work that has subsequently led to a series of success stories. Well worth the hard graft! From seamless large scale installation projects to helping our partners achieve carbon neutrality, we seize each opportunity to share our passion for sustainability.

A recent project we are proud to announce is signing an exclusive licensing agreement with prominent Filipino businessman Michael Dargani’s Ananta Industries, Inc. to expand and develop our brand in Southeast Asia. A huge step in putting ourselves further on the global map.

We’d like to introduce ‘Best.Energy Philippines’, our first ever branded business - projected to make a huge impact on the S E Asian market this year. This not only looks after our own operation, but also builds and supports a network of strategic sub distributors throughout the country.

Troy Wrigley presenting at the International CHARGE Branding Conference, Iceland

How will this increase energy saving, globally?

This exciting partnership will help turn global energy consumption ‘green’ by offering a set of technologies to the likes of 7-Eleven, McDonald’s, Starbucks and IBM that’ll enable clients to monitor, manage and reduce energy consumption with a great ease. Whilst much of the media we see is predominantly focused on the growth of renewable energy, we seek to reduce – rather than produce. The cheapest kWh is the one you never need!

But what makes us unique from our competitors? We set ourselves apart through our top tier offer and service that we provide our partners – not charging upfront, but preferring instead a ‘shared savings’ model based on what we can achieve, so clients can see results first hand.

Our flagship partnership in the Philippines will offer energy management technologies and services on this model for our clients, meaning there is NO capital outlay. Instead, both sides enjoy a split of the energy savings achieved during the project. Job done.

Be prepared for a brighter future...

With every new partner that we collaborate with, we have one more connection that helps us move in the right direction towards creating an eco-friendly and efficient environment to live and work in.

Our CEO at Best.Energy, Troy Wrigley, comments on this exciting alliance:

The Philippines has massive scope when it comes to energy savings, with about 22.8 billion kWh of energy used every year by businesses. In our experience, a huge portion of that is being wasted right now – putting a strain on energy production methods that are still over 60% reliant on fossil fuels.
“We’re therefore hugely excited to unveil Michael as our new strategic partner for the country. With his connections in the food and beverage industry, and his extensive business experience in the country, he’s perfectly suited to driving energy efficiency”.

Best.Energy Videos
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Best Energy | Case Study | Movenpick Hotel

Best Energy | Case Study | Movenpick Hotel
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Best.Energy: Eniscope Air Promo

Best.Energy: Eniscope Air Promo

A look at the Best.Energy Eniscope Air launch promo.
Best.Energy Business
Best.Energy Business
Best.Energy Business
British Energy Saving Technology
Best.Energy Business
Best.Energy Business
Available Locations:
Partnerships available in the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Lebanon, Mexico, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam.
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