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Texaco Gas Stations Save Over 15% on Energy Bills With No Up-Front Costs

At some point in our lives, we have all been grateful for 24 hour petrol stations that have saved us from breaking down after a long late night journey home. But have you ever stopped to consider the amount of energy that it takes to run, alongside additional convenience stores and car washes? Together, these are some of the most energy intensive commercial uses in the world - second only to fast food restaurants!

Texaco Gas Stations Save Over 15% on Energy Bills With No Up-Front Costs

How Does Our Technology Come Into Play?

A prime example of how we have sought to tackle such large scale energy wastage using our sustainable solutions, can be seen through our Global Best.Energy Partner ‘Lumen Energy Solutions’ partnering with a group of Texaco Gas Stations in Honduras to deliver a high-impact energy efficiency project.

Lumen’s targets for this project honed in on ways to reduce Texaco’s energy consumption from extensive refrigeration requirements, high footfall, and an unavoidable need for long hours of air conditioning - all contributing to a high energy profile. When executing tests on a handful of stores, the results proved a convincing case to roll-out further stores:

  • An average of 15% energy savings consistently achieved.
  • £116,000 USD savings across the 5 year contract.
  • 40.23% savings on just one air conditioning unit.
  • Pay-As-You-Save Model, with no upfront costs.
  • Total energy visibility across the site down to the asset level.

Upon reviewing these successes, Operations Manager at Texaco Service Stations, Eduardo Bueso, commented on how this project has given us the ability to understand and control our energy consumption… providing us with a transparent view of the operation where we can make investment decisions that are in line with real results. An experience Mr.Bueso regarded as enriching and invaluable.

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