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A Young Canadian Entrepreneur Who Never Quits

As a talented Sales & Business Development professional, Uche Ojeh was looking for a way to use his experience in the technology and home maintenance industries to identify solutions to help businesses maximize profits and focus on more meaningful tasks. Uche is a self-starting energetic individual with a creative flair, analytical eye, and business acumen. With his strategic thinking and efficiency driven focus, Uche helps businesses build and implement resources to surpass their goals while saving tremendous amounts of time and money. Uche has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Ontario Tech University in Toronto, with a major in Finance, and minor in Supply Chain & Operations Management. His experience with clients and businesses in North America, accompanied by his spectacular professionalism, elite delivery, and incredible customer service, equips him with the skills to enhance businesses in the areas of Digital Transformation, Consulting, Staff Augmentation, and Training.

Below, Uche provides answers to some more common questions when considering a B2B franchise and his reasoning for choosing a Valenta franchise above all others.

Why did you choose Valenta?

I chose Valenta because I have a passion for business development, and I wanted to transition from being an employee to a business owner within the field I have been working and am well experienced in.

What’s your advice to anyone looking at becoming a franchisee?

I would advise anyone buying a business to pull the trigger if it’s something you’re passionate about and avoid analysis paralysis.

Who is your most important advisor and why?

My most important advisor is Jayesh Kasim because he has the experience and knowledge as the Co-Founder of a global business to provide me the feedback I need quickly – even when it comes to highly niche/specific questions that I may have.

What is the best business advice you ever received?

The best business advice I have ever received, which has additionally served me well in previous business ventures, is “In business if you never quit you are almost guaranteed to be a success. Why? Because everyone else eventually does”. It is a quote that speaks volumes to the benefits and rewards one can reap from maintaining an intelligently guided and disciplined work ethic!

How will you get the most out of your franchise?

I will get the most out of my business by dedicating myself to the actionable items I set out for myself. I am a strong believer that with enough hard work, exceptional results will always average out. The key factor with my current business successes has definitely been accountability. If you commit to doing what you say and persevering despite the obstacles, then it is impossible to fail in the long run.

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