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David Levine - Success Story

David Levine

He believes in attention to detail, as the smaller things can become bigger things down the line if you’re not aware of them. Working at Valenta, he brings forward his expertise of identifying opportunities for businesses in order to help them thrive and grow. With a portfolio working in many areas—including strategic planning, operational optimization, and more—he has so much knowledge to share with clients.

To help you get to know David better and explore his background, here’s what we had to say about Valenta and his business experience.

Why did you choose Valenta?
The business is related to what I did in my previous corporate life. The people who work at Valenta seem to be a good group of people who listen, and they have been at the firm for a while. This is a business I can explain to others.

What’s your advice to anyone buying a business?
Do your research. Make sure it is a fit to your culture and values.

Who is your most important advisor and why?
I worked with a franchise coach named Bob Terrel. His advice was important to my decision.

What is the best business advice you ever received?
Don’t take your eyes off the little things, e.g. don’t just look at the big picture and ignore the details because the details are the way you get to 100% or more on a project.

Do you have any tips on how you will get the most out of a Valenta franchise?
Stay focused, don’t give up too soon, and focus on relentless execution. Nothing comes easy, so this is not going to be a cake walk. Expect to work hard and setbacks; learn from them, rinse, and repeat.

What’s the key factor with your current business?
Focus, execution and repeat.

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