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Kurt Pagon Partners with Valenta to Drive Change

To Kurt, helping businesses maximize their profits wasn’t just a career, but a way of being.

He finds great satisfaction in helping people succeed in business, because he knows that an organization’s success is far-reaching—ultimately, a single business helps a whole lot of people provide for their families and, ideally, gives back to the community through philanthropy and civic involvement.

Kurt wanted to use his well-earned expertise and experience to advise small, medium and large businesses looking for ways to cut down on operating costs, create more efficiencies, and streamline processes.

But he wanted to do it in a consulting role and with a more individualized, collaborative approach than he’d been able to during his years operating within the rigid frameworks of financial institutions and other organizations.

Kurt knew that he simply didn’t have access to the specialized resources he’d been able to draw on in his roles with larger organizations. And it bothered him that small and medium companies in particular, needing the same kind of help as a multinational corporation—but on a much smaller scale—couldn’t access those resources, either. At least, not without paying proportionately exorbitant prices for it.

So in May, 2021, Kurt became a Managing Partner with Valenta BPO, and his passion, expertise, and natural leadership instincts all came into alignment. The opportunity was a perfect fit for him. “I chose Valenta because it’s a relatively new franchise in the USA,” he says.

Easy-going and approachable, he looks forward to his role as an early Managing Partner—and the ground-up relationships he’ll be able to cultivate with other Managing Partners and Managing Directors as they build bridges for businesses across the country.

Kurt applies his lifelong mantra, “Work hard and smart,” to his new role at Valenta. “I work the business every day,” he says, noting that sometimes, working is all about learning. In a world of constantly evolving technologies and unpredictable political and cultural environments, businesses of all types and sizes face unique challenges as they move into an uncertain future. That’s why he dedicates time to staying on top of the latest tech, trends, and research.

From digitizing data and automating processes to streamlining the workflow and outsourcing tasks, Valenta’s transformational solutions are as accessible to local companies with small budgets as they are to Fortune 100 enterprises with deep pockets. Valenta’s collective expertise and global clout make this possible—and Managing Partners like Kurt put it all into action.

A born problem-solver, Kurt looks forward to a long future with Valenta, working hard to help businesses work smart

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