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Eazi-Apps provide powerful CRM system to help entrepreneurs thrive

According to a recent study, 80% of business leaders use CRM systems as a single source of truth for their customer data. Clearly, CRM has evolved beyond managing contacts. CRM systems allow an entrepreneur to manage customer relationships more efficiently.

In order to grow a business, it is vital to be able to scale personalised interactions and create consistent customer experiences.

An ideal CRM allows for easy data collection, analysis and real-time feedback to help a business respond quickly in unexpected situations.

A business should be able to use this software to generate and analyse sales reports, redirect campaigns and create stronger strategies.

The Eazi-Apps Sales and Success Centre is a powerful CRM system engineered to accelerate a business.

This innovative CRM system will enable an entrepreneur to:

  • Manage customer communication
  • Send readymade email campaigns
  • Generate professional proposals
  • Schedule meetings in a click of a button
  • Get notified about ‘hot’ leads
  • Receive a sales pipeline forecast

With the help of the Eazi-Apps Sales and Success Centre, entrepreneurs will be able to manage all of their clients in one central location, sell smarter and focus on hot leads that are ready to buy.

Eazi-Apps are on a one-way journey to ensure entrepreneurs and local businesses have the tools necessary to thrive. Whether they are new to business or not, Eazi-Apps have created a pathway to success with their Sales and Success Centre, professionally designed brochures, business cards and a promotional website. They have helped partners in over 40 countries launch their own business quickly.

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