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A sneak peek into the International and Domestic shipping specialists

Globally, the Logistics and Supply Chain industry is a behemoth with an estimated $9.5T in valuation and with a growth rate of over 5% CAGR it is estimated to reach $13.5T by 2027. In India, the growth of this industry is expected to be in double-digits. The driving forces behind this splendid growth can be attributed to various factors including globalization, zero disruption risk, the rise of e-commerce and an overall innovation in shipping services.

It is noteworthy that despite the tremendous reach of the industry there are several customers who still face issues when it comes to getting the right or sometimes even professional logistics solutions suitable to their organisation. The larg- est customer group that usually faces most challenges belongs to the small and medium business category. Despite the MSME industry being a massive market with 65 million registered in In- dia, individually they end up facing several issues right from lack of innovation, pricing, and ease of operations

At the forefront of this opportunity, is InXpress India, part of a global brand that focuses on providing shipping solutions to small business- es. InXpress blends this by providing innovative online shipping services along with unparalleled customer service delivered through its industry experts; it is a part of a legacy that spans 2 decades, 450+ franchise owners and with a presence in 14 countries. We investigate few of the 56 Indian franchise owners who pride themselves being logistics consultants and have been responsible for driving this growth.

Kalanand Jha & Pawan Kishore – The Early ones

Mr Kalanand Jha & Mr Pawan Kishore have been veterans with InXpress and have been associated with the brand since late 2014; Pawan has existing transportation & courier business in Noida and is a visionary serial entrepreneur, while Kalanand has worked in sales at junior to mid-levels with logistics firms. If Pawan is the brain in the business, then Kalanand is the heart of the business; the two of them operate in tandem. Today these gentlemen operate with a 4-member team which does tele-calling and tele-sales. Due to these efforts, they have grown their business from INR 81 Lakh in 2020 to a whopping INR 2.38 cr. in 2021. They have also been named as InXpress’ Franchisee of the Year for 2 years in row – 2019 & 2020 and thus winning two international trips for both partners.

What do they like about InXpress? Kalanand says ‘We are happy with the InXpress team helping us with billing, collections and routine operations which affords us freedom to focus on our customer’s growth’

Krishna Shukla – The Transformer

Mr Krishna is a successful first-gen entrepreneur. When he moved from a stable job to a freight-for- warding business, lit- tle did he know that some day he will tie- up with a global company like InXpress. In fact, InXpress has been a natural extension to his present portfolio. He takes great care of his 3-member team and al- lows them freedom to sign-up customers from across India. ‘Not being territorially restricted, offers us great convenience’, quips Krishna.

In fact, over the years, I have noticed a direct cor- relation between growth of my InXpress business which leads to growth in the freight business. MSMEs which do ocean and air freight, invariably have needs for express shipments such as documents, samples, and often larger time-sensitive shipments too. Earlier, I used to miss this business, but InXpress fills the gap in my portfolio just right. Bulk of his business comes from the sub-100 Kgs category which is also InXpress’ forte.

Sanjay Kumar – The Next Gen

If Kalanand, Pawan and Krishna are vet- erans in the network then Mr Sanjay Ku- mar has been the next-gen franchisee at InXpress; based out of New Delhi he has been associated with the brand since less than a year. Sanjay can be best described as an ambitious go-getter, a trait which is a must in InXpress’ franchise network; he is a firm believer that every business should add value to the entire eco-system. Along with InXpress he also operates a successful & multi-crore turnover packaging-solutions business. Since 2020 San- jay has added more than 250 MSME customers in his network; he has a team of 5 members and plans to recruit a full-fledged marketing team in 2022. In less than a year, his firm already counts amongst InXpress’ top-10 franchisees.

In his own words he quotes “I strongly believe that InXpress is an easier business than envisaged” What is his vision for 2022? “I wish to reach out to 500 new customers in 2022 & provide them with logistical solutions” he stated. Sanjay had a turnover of INR 1.78 cr. in 2021 and is targeting a disruptive turnover of INR 5 crores in 2022.

In fact, no discussion about InXpress would be complete unless you read a bit about the company’s support to the network in operational matters. While franchise owners are passionate about sales, business development and custom- er service and manage front-line escalations, In- Xpress’ strong Operations team is the backbone of continued success. Rohitaksha Salian, who heads Operations in India and his team literally live by the clock. They always attempt to provide timely solutions to franchisees and customers, be it a pickup-delay (which can happen with the best of carriers too), opening new customer codes, or just about anything. Rohit and his dedicated team opened more than 2000 customer codes for MSMEs in 2021, thereby growing In- Xpress’ customer base by 52% and revenue by more than 108% in the year gone by.

InXpress is well-poised for a 50% plus CAGR growth till 2025 and beyond. Last year, their franchisees won global accolades across many countries and they still continue shaping the global logistics industry through their passionate and personal involvement in this recession-proof industry.


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