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Affordable logistics solutions for smaller companies

Larger companies, globally, have the advantage of working with leading logistics organizations. For most of their goods movement, they have the benefit of their shipping partners offer them doorstep pick up & delivery, discounted rates and credit facilities. Thus, they have found the key to bring order in their logistics movements. Should this order be the prerogative of only the top companies? What about the 63.4 million MSMEs in India?

These 6.34 crore MSMEs contribute to 33.4% of India’s manufacturing output, 45% of India’s overall exports and provide employment to 120 million Indians (source: Unfortunately, most of them lack a proper supply chain mechanism. Tapping this gap in the market where such MSMEs lack access to good carriers, InXpress comes as a vital solutions provider.

InXpress is a 22-year-old company which started in Manchester, UK as partner with some of the world’s most leading carriers. Over the years, we have expanded our footprint across the continents in 14 countries. We came to India in 2013 and have since expanded our footprint across 23 locations. Our partnership is with the best & most-reputed international and domestic carriers, we continuously augment our carrier relations. As a trusted partner with these reputed carriers, we do our best to bring value to them as well as the thousands of MSME customers we deal with. So, what exactly does InXpress do?

As we all know, most companies need to give a minimum business guarantee to carriers to qualify for discounts. The smaller companies, which are not able to confirm guaranteed monthly or regular shipments, essentially miss out on the quality services of these carriers – mainly – direct pickup. Pickup by the carrier’s manpower and vehicles brings an element of trust and confidence, as it reduces – amongst other things – delivery timelines, pilferages, etc. InXpress acts as a bridge between these global carriers and the smaller companies which desire the best services but are not able to get them. By virtue of discounts which we have from our carriers, we retain some and pass on the rest to these smaller companies. We ensure the entire chain remains comfortably happy. Our carriers get clean business, and our customers save hassles, time, and money.

InXpress reaches out to the small & medium companies through its network of franchise owners. Our franchise owners are passionate, go-getter business owners. They have a flair for business-development & sales and passion to network & market themselves. They scout smaller companies in their markets which have import & export business as well as domestic and cross-border ecommerce businesses. By signing up such smaller companies which want better logistic solutions, our franchisees help them reduce costs and provide them with enhanced customer service. Passion for customer service & adding value to customer’s shipping process are the hallmarks of our most successful franchisees.

Our tech-enabled booking platform ensures improved supply chain visibility to our customers. In fact, our pride on our software platform recently brought us closer to an NY-based VC firm – Hudson Hill Capital – which took majority stake in the organization. We are now positioning ourselves as a one-stop shop for small & medium enterprises for most of their logistics needs. We have very ambitious goals to support more than 10,000 companies over the next few years and plan to grow by five times between 2020 and 2025.

InXpress aims to bring a sense of satisfaction, comfort, and peace-of-mind and thereby an enhanced orderliness to the smaller shippers.

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