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Full-Time Success in Less Than 12 Months

Hamadan Mehdi joined Valenta as a franchise owner in August 2019 and has built that initial move into a thriving business with eight clients and 12 staff members in less than a year. Hamadan’s story is similar to many other Valenta franchise owners, and we wanted to explore some of the things that helped him achieve such remarkable results in so short a time.

Why Did You Choose Valenta BPO?

Partnering with Valenta was a great opportunity for me. Growing up in India and living in Australia for six years put me in a position to understand two cultures well enough to manage the relationship between our offshore resources and my clients. Plus, having access to a diverse range of industries was a big seller for me. I am in the early stages of my career, so having the ability to build business processes and network within multiple industries is a great foundation for what I want to achieve in the future.

What Advice Would You Offer Anyone Thinking about Buying a Business?

My most important piece of advice is this – make sure you’re buying the assets, not the business. Also, remember that, apart from your home, a business is going to be the single largest purchase you make in your life. It’s imperative that you conduct all necessary due diligence to fully understand the nature of the business before signing on the dotted line.

What Made You Most Nervous about Investing in Your Business?

I would have to say not knowing where to start was the biggest challenge and made me the most nervous. When I first started, I wasn’t sure about what industries to focus on given the variety of choices Valenta caters to. I overcame that through planning sessions with Valenta’s leadership team, who helped me narrow down three verticals to focus on.

I was also nervous about not being a specialist. Without any prior experience in such a role, I was nervous about taking meetings with new leads initially. Having Jayesh or one of the technical managers take the initial meetings with me was a great boost and helped me learn key offerings and differentiators of Valenta’s services.

Who Is Your Most Important Advisor and Why?

In my personal life, I would have to say my parents are my most important advisors. I’ve looked up to them as long as I can remember, and both my mother and father have done an exceptional job in setting a great example of how to tackle new challenges life throws at you. I can also approach them about anything and they always point me in the right direction.

In my professional life, I would say that Jayesh is my most important advisor. Working with him daily has tremendously helped me find my feet in this space. Anytime I am faced with a challenge, he is quick to provide valuable advice that always leads to simplified solutions.

What Is the Best Advice You Ever Received?

“Having a failure does not make you a failure as long as you fail often, fail fast, and fail cheap.” That advice was from my father.

What Tips Would You Like to Share on Getting the Most Value and Working the Best with Your Franchisor?

Ask for help. The Valenta team is extremely helpful and always available to give you advice on how to approach a new client.

Also, don’t be afraid to venture out into a new vertical. If you want to explore servicing a new industry, the team at Valenta will provide the training and support needed, allowing you to confidently approach new opportunities.

How Many Hours Did You Work in the Beginning? What about Now?

I work six to eight hours per day on my own terms. This is one of the greatest benefits of owning my own business. I can work wherever and whenever I like, with tremendous freedom and flexibility.

What Are the Key Factors in Your Success?

I would say hard work is probably the biggest factor. Dedicating myself toward achieving my 90-day goals and objectives has helped me stay on track and has been a key driver in achieving success. I feel that setting short-term goals has also tremendously helped me stay on track, as it is easy to get sidetracked as an entrepreneur operating in multiple industries.

Valenta’s operations have also been hugely influential in my success. The quality of Valenta’s deliverables ensure that my clients are ramping up their teams and onboarding more resources from us, which is proof that we are delivering a high-quality service.

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