Jeff is a company that seeks to offer The Good Good Life through its daily service businesses. Its franchise models use technology with traditional services to provide a unique experience that’s adapted to today's consumer. The company is currently present in 40 countries with more than 1,200 franchisees.

The first day-to-day franchise ecosystem

We are more than a franchise, we are the place where users come to meet their day-to-day needs. All our services are gathered in the Jeff App, offering a perfect union between the online and offline world. Discover our franchise models!

  • Mr Jeff is the franchise that has revolutionized the laundry sector. It has a 48 hour pick-up and home delivery service that can be accessed through the Jeff App. The user is also drawn to the subscription plans that include four monthly pickups. This guarantees that the user can forget about the tedious task of doing laundry.
  • Fit Jeff is the fitness center focused on creating an amazing experience. Users enjoy a high-end experience with unlimited classes at an affordable price. The business model is focused on profitability: the classes that are taught (yoga, pilates, HIIT and functional) are the most-demanded worldwide; and the initial investment is up to 6 times less than that of a conventional gym. This is because it doesn’t require machinery and only needs a 800 sq. ft space.

Everything you need to manage your business, in a box

We're looking for franchise owners who have a great entrepreneurial attitude. A person who has the motivation to excel and who doesn't need to have previous experience in this industry, since each Jeff franchisee receives a “Business in a Box”. THIS INCLUDES:

  • Ecosystem. Be part of Jeff's ecosystem of day-to-day services.
  • Specialist support. Lean on our team and train at Jeff Academy, our online learning platform.
  • Branding and promotion. All the materials you need to boost the marketing of your business.
  • Technology. We provide proprietary tools to manage the day-to-day running of your business and make the right decisions, including our business software Jeff Suite.
  • Smart investment. An optimized, differentiated and very clear value proposition.

Pay only 50% of the initial investment up front

We reduce by half the investment needed to start up your Jeff's business.

We finance your opening and you can pay the remaining 50% in convenient monthly installments until the opening of your business.

For contracts signed before 31 January, we reduce the investment required to start up your Jeff business to 50%. We finance your opening and you can pay the remaining 50% in convenient monthly installments until the opening of your business.

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