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Strong Global Leader, Daniel Vranceanu, Joins Valenta

Coming from a background in the oil, gas, and automotive industries, he’s been at the helm of several multinational teams and is well-versed in the complex balance between customer demands and shareholder expectations.

Daniel prides himself on his problem-solving skills and seeks to find new challenges to apply his experience and education to with the goal of helping businesses grow. With his extensive experience gained through working with companies like Renault Group and GSP Holding SA, he decided to partner with Valenta in July 2021.

As a managing director based in Romania, Daniel works to expand Valenta’s business in Eastern Europe, handling both customer-facing and franchise aspects.

Working with Valenta has given him a new opportunity to leverage his vast wealth of people management skills and versatility as a strong leader, as he helps companies grow and thrive by embracing digital transformation, staff augmentation, AI, and more.

Daniel is passionate about the resources offered by Valenta Growth Labs, learning tools that allow business owners to ensure their employees are kept up to date on all the latest technologies and compliances in their field. Keen on fortifying Valenta’s presence in Europe and on a global scale, he’s one of the many who work to keep Valenta a leader in digital solutions for businesses big and small.

We asked Daniel to give us some more insight into what attracted him to Valenta and share any other knowledge he’s acquired so far.

Why did you choose Valenta?

I have over 15 years of experience in leadership and business development roles across Europe, Middle East, and North Africa, managing, from the early stages of my career, the complexities of meeting high customer demands and timelines with shareholders expectations.

With my background and autonomy as area manager or country manager, for a regional leader in the oil and gas industry, which was running projects globally, moving to Valenta was a natural transition for me to the next phase of my career as a business owner.

I joined Valenta, attracted by the complexity and efficiency of the business model, a model that embraces change and challenges the status quo of companies. Moreover, with Valenta, I found a great opportunity to improve constantly, to express myself naturally and build people up.

What’s your advice to anyone buying a business?

Jump in and get started. Every day you’re not on a market, someone else is taking your market share. Do your best to make a sustainable business model.

Who is your most important advisor and why?

I am trying to see everything from multiple angles. Consequently, I have several advisors.

What is the best business advice you ever received?

Never stop networking.

Do you have any tips of how you will get the most out of your business?

Focus on value and revenue will come. Foster good relationships. Embrace change.

What’s the key factor with your current business successes?

Remaining agile and innovative.

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