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Big Franchise Opportunity | 2022 Look Forward

Entrepreneurs interested in the energy sector for their new venture are ultimately interested in one thing - what will the market do this year? Will it grow or decline? Is there demand for new solutions?

In this email, we're going to answer that question - looking at three major factors set to drive huge growth in the energy efficiency sector this year:

Energy Prices Are Soaring

The maths is very simple. When energy prices rise, energy efficiency becomes more attractive.

To put it simply, if our solution cost remains the same, but the savings we deliver increase in value, then our ROI gets better and our sales increase.

With prices set to increase by 45-50% in the UK next year, for example, we're seeing a very high cost landscape. Bad for most, good for efficiency!

The IoT RevolutionSolutions for energy efficiency have always been fragmented. Companies offer a solution for refrigeration, or a solution for ventilation and so on.

In 2021, that changed. We released the Eniscope Air suite of products.

The impact was massive.

No longer unconnected, now everything is connected.

COP26 & The Race to Net ZeroNever before has the international community been so stimulated into action by an event like this. It only took 25 previous COPs to finally get a decent reaction!!

Two words rose higher than all others - 'net zero'.

Companies large and small - including us at Best.Energy - have already committed to achieving net zero carbon. But how are they going to get there?

Fortunately for us - the first two steps are all about energy efficiency. Monitoring comes first, followed by energy reduction - before the renewable solutions can kick in to replace the remainder of energy consumption.

We are amongst the best placed companies in the world to benefit from the Net Zero surge and we're doing so - we broke our sales record in December 2021...

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