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UK Plastics Manufacturer Saves 26.7% on Energy Bills

At present, the UK manufacturing sector is being run into the ground by the weight of extortionate energy costs, where electricity bills have, in some cases, tripled in number as the price per kWh spiked from 21p up to 97p over the last two years.

Tex Plastics was feeling the heat of these amounting pressures that were close to unsustainable and so sought to find a solution that would transform the energy landscape of their facility and cut costs with immediate effect. Teaming up with Best.Energy was their first choice, and the results achieved exemplify why.

How were the savings delivered?

With measuring and managing consumption levels being a priority, Best.Energy were quick to install three Eniscope’s on site, and within just a few short weeks, the virtual energy management team identified substantial energy waste areas within the air conditioning and ventilation systems, and pinpointed power hungry cooling and heating machinery that were needlessly burning through energy and their start up functions.

The Results:

  • 26.7% total energy savings
  • £237,000 annual savings executed
  • Total visibility of energy consumption
  • Reached a net cash flow gain within 3 months of the technology being active
  • No CapEx deal

“The Best.Energy Eniscope system enabled us to not only measure the actual machine consumption in real time, but critically the associated individual ancillary equipment used in the process such as heaters, ovens, compressors, etc. Over a period of just a few months we were able to predict maintenance issues on some of our more energy intensive assets with spikes in energy consumption highlighting equipment in need of refurb/replacement, ultimately enabling our whole planning system to take into account our energy profile as well as ensuring On Time Delivery to our customers."

If you are a business that is serious about reducing energy consumption to cut costs, I would certainly recommend a conversation with Best.Energy to fully understand what they may be able to save your business” - Justin Davies, MD at Tex Plastics

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