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Valenta Fills the Resource Gap for Manoj Srivastava - Valenta Franchise

After 30 years working the automotive supply industry in Detroit, Michigan, Valenta Managing Partner Manoj Srivastava had the experience, skills, and expertise he needed to start a new chapter in his career as a cost reduction consultant. But he quickly realized that without the wide range of resources he had access to in his positions as senior product manager and chief engineer for Fortune 500 companies, he wouldn’t be able to help businesses grow and thrive in the capacity he’d hoped for.

Enter Valenta BPO. In May, 2021, Manoj joined Valenta as a Managing Partner, which provides him with the resources and capabilities he needs to customize solutions for his clients. Manoj specializes in process optimization, from strategy to implementation, and in partnership with Valenta, he is able to offer comprehensive digital transformation, process optimization, and outsourcing to companies experiencing hypergrowth or companies who are losing their competitive edge to more streamlined competitors.

Manoj’s wealth of experience in re-engineering processes, cost reduction, and implementing automation and digital solutions translates to his clients across all verticals. In partnership with Valenta, he is not only able to develop strategies for all areas of a company’s operations, but also to provide the company with the resources they need to digitally transform or outsource some internal processes to save money and streamline systems.

From cognitive and conversational AI to robotic process optimization and machine learning, the digital transformation resources at Manoj’s fingertips help him help businesses cut unnecessary expenses and back on track with healthy profit margins. And for his clients who put too much time, resources, and money into HR, customer service, scheduling, staffing, accounting, marketing, and other internal duties, Manoj is able to help them outsource some or all of these tasks to free up employees’ time, streamline staff, and reduce expenses.

Today, Manoj is living his dream of helping businesses do business in the best way possible, and he continues to build on and expand his own expertise in the areas of technology and process automation. He lives to exceed clients’ expectations, and with Valenta, doing so is an easy lift.

Recently, we asked Manoj about his business and how being a Valenta Managing Partner has made it easier for him to do what he does best.

Why did you choose Valenta BPO?

I was pursuing the opportunity to be an independent cost reduction consultant, but was realizing that without being able to offer resources to do some of the work, it would be an uphill task. Valenta filled the resources gap that I had and also offered the technology know-how that is in great demand currently as well as I had prior interest in.

What’s your advice to anyone buying a business?

Do your research on the company you are buying. Their offerings must align with your passions for it to be successful.

Who is your most important advisor and why?

During the journey to buying into Valenta, it was Kishore and the coach from TES.

What is the best business advice you ever received?

Focus on the customer’s wants and needs and not what you will get out of it. Exceed customer’s expectations.

How will you make your business a success?

Just starting so hard to say but I believe it would have to be keep going after leads, and keep an open communication. Do not drop a lead only after 2-3 communications.

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