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Cassie Lincoln - Success Story

After years of working within HR, Cassie Lincoln decided it was time to leverage her in-depth experience and business know-how to build her own business. Cassie has a deep passion for helping businesses to understand their true potential, which largely stems from her hands-on experience in talent management.

After close to 20 years working in many business environments from start-up to Fortune 100, Cassie has helped many clients save time and money by finding efficiencies in their operations, designing compelling digital experiences and strategically augmenting their workforces with critical talent.

Find out more about Cassie’s journey and how she will leverage a Valenta franchise to thrive.

Why did you choose Valenta?

I believe the unique suite of services provides the solutions businesses need to grow and thrive. Since I have a passion for helping businesses grow, I felt like partnering with Valenta would be the best way for me to combine my knowledge and experience with a team of talented experts to serve my future clients.

What’s your advice to anyone buying a business?

Be true to yourself. Understand what your passion is and look for the best way to bring it to life. For me, I felt a connection with Valenta’s company culture, strategy and services, so it was a natural fit.

Who is your most important advisor and why?

I have many trusted sources for research, bouncing ideas, etc. However, I’d have to say my most trusted advisor is my gut instinct. Anytime I have gone against it, I have struggled. Trusting my gut has ultimately led me to the best decisions I’ve made.

What is the best business advice that you ever received?

To take action! You can’t wait for the exact right time or everything to be perfect, otherwise you will be waiting forever. Action = Progress.

Do you have any tips on how to get the most out of a Valenta franchise?

I like to stay solution focused. Every business has problems to solve. My job is to help businesses find the best way to solve them and meet their goals. I do this by actively listening to the pain points, strategizing the resolutions and providing recommendations. Sometimes that recommendation may be a solution outside of my scope of services offered, and I am always up front about that because my ultimate goal is to connect businesses with the best possible outcomes.

What has been the key factor to your current business success?

I think the biggest factor is in seeking to truly understand the root causes of a businesses’ pain points. A client may ask for a specific service when they may actually need a different service to solve their problem. Active listening and thinking critically about the problems helps me bring the best possible recommendations and solutions.

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