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Join Perfumatic at Asia Vending & Smart Retail Expo 2023

Perfumatic Asia Expo 2023

Perfumatic will be taking part in Asia's biggest event, the 2023 ASIA VENDING & SMART RETAIL EXPO!

Come join us as a visitor to the expo which takes place at the China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou on May 15th-17th (9:00-17:00).

Perfumatic will take its place among 700 other leading companies at the Expo, Asia's biggest event of its kind for 2023.

Special offer from PERFUMATIC!

There will be a unique opportunity to try out a new line of vending machines from PERFUMATIC live at ASIA VENDING & SMART RETAIL EXPO!

The unique vending machine for perfume dispensing is the perfect business solution for you:

  • Business without employees
  • Highly profitable (1900%)
  • NOVELTY on the market
  • Accepts coins / bills / cards

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