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Valenta’s 24/7 Operational Capabilities Combined with Deep Technical Expertise Capped the Decision for Michael Taylor - Valenta Franchise

Over the past 22-plus years, Michael’s experience in strategic and operational leadership and his background in financial analysis and business intelligence have helped organizations like Amazon and PWC improve their processes for greater efficiency and a bigger bottom line.

Michael’s wealth of experience—and the passion he brings to the table—makes Michael a natural fit for his role as a Managing Partner at Valenta BPO. He readily admits that his favourite thing to do is to deconstruct complex processes and help organizations identify ways to streamline, eliminate waste, and leverage technologies like AI and RPA to improve efficiencies across their operation.

As the founder of his own consulting firm specializing in executive and operational leadership development and training, Michael brings a wealth of expertise to Valenta BPO as he helps client’s, with a focus on the logistics, healthcare, energy, and tech startup sectors in his home state of Utah.

Michael understands the importance of embracing organizational change and digital transformation to stay competitive in an uncertain and ever-changing economy. Through his partnership with Valenta BPO, he helps businesses of all sizes understand it, too—and embrace it. One of the most satisfying aspects of his job, he says, is seeing the immediate, positive impact of streamlining on a company’s bottom line. But it’s not just helping businesses transform, scale, and increase their profitability that Michael finds gratifying. He always comes away with new perspectives, skills, and insights that add to his robust knowledge and expertise.

Luckily, despite his full schedule, we were able to catch up with Michael to find out why he chose Valenta BPO and get his perspective on leadership and business success.

Why did you choose Valenta?

Valenta’s value proposition is compelling and unique in that it offers robust 24/7 operational capabilities, deep technical expertise and solutions that appeal broadly across all sectors. Valenta’s service offerings appeal to any business and lead at the cutting edge of transformational and rapidly evolving technology such as RPA and AI. Valenta’s case for growth and ability to deliver real-world results on behalf of clients are really exciting.

What’s your advice to anyone buying a business?

Besides a thorough analysis of the numbers, market opportunity and assessing the teams and colleagues you’ll be partnering with, make sure you identify what talents, skills, experience, effort and level of commitment you are willing to bring to make your business successful.

Who is your most important advisor and why?

I have a mentor to whom I turn for counsel and feedback in many aspects of my life, not just business. This mentor is authentic, caring, direct, thoughtful and extremely experienced and artful in asking insightful questions that make me think.

What is the best business advice that you ever received?

How effective are you as a leader or partner? At the end of the day, it does not quite matter as much how smart you are or how hard you work, if you are not effective in actually delivering the desired results and outcomes. And in my experience, my personal and professional effectiveness boils down to how well I communicate with and relate to others.

Do you have any tips on how you will get the most out of your business?

Jump right in and own mistakes early on. The faster I embrace the ambiguity and unknowns of building out my network, generating and chasing leads and approaching potential clients, the more quickly I will gain confidence in the process, the business, and my own abilities.

What is the key factor in your current business success?

Clear, compelling, genuine and frequent communication. A relentless pursuit of self- and process-improvement. A burning desire to learn and experience new things.

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