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If you’ve considered investing in a food franchise, our grazing board business could be right for you. Graze Craze locations have already developed steady followings in each community they serve with house-made ingredients of the finest quality. Now, we’re looking to expand to new locations throughout Asia.


A Food Trend with Staying Power.

We are looking for a Master License Partner in your country.

Graze Craze is a charcuterie board business part of franchise powerhouse United Franchise Group. A charcuterie board is an assortment of cured meats, cheeses, artisan breads, olives, fruits, vegetables and deserts!

This isn’t your typical restaurant, there are no grease traps or hood vents and it’s all takeout, delivery and catering.

What is the craze? Your customers Graze Craze food experience includes a fully accessible concierge grade of customer service at a reasonable price.

A HUGE Industry

Fast casual is the fastest growing segment of the food industry.

In 2020, restaurant sales hit $899 billion with a huge growth in takeout and delivery. Participate in this explosive growth by joining Graze Craze, who’s seen great success in the last year.

Why Become a Master License Partner with Graze Craze?

Now is the time to start a grazing platter business.

No Cooking Required: Our restaurants don’t need stoves, ovens, or microwaves because there’s no cooking required to make a winning charcuterie board. The absence industrial kitchen equipment reduces the initial investment you’ll need to make and greatly simplifies day-to-day operations.

Backed by United Franchise Group: United Franchise Group is a worldwide franchise powerhouse with 9 franchise brands, in over 80 countries and over 1600 franchisees. We’ve been doing this for 35+ years and we’ll provide you with the tools needed to be successful

Turnkey Process: Our turnkey process provides everything you need to run your business. From the equipment, hardware, software, fixtures and furnishings, everything is included for your business.

Demographic Studies: We carefully research all aspects of every Graze Craze site. After all criteria are met and a location has been selected, we will assist you in the negotiation of your lease and the store build-out.

There’s something for everyone: Nowadays, many customers have special dietary requirements that make it difficult for them to partake in the processed food sold at most restaurants.

Charcuterie boards are meant to offer variety, so people can sample only the foods that work for them. And with fresh fruits, berries, nuts, and veggies as staples, our trays have something everyone can enjoy—opening up the pool of potential customers in your area.


Graze Craze was founded in 2020 by a U.S. Airforce veteran who had spent years working in the food industry.

She observed the growing popularity of charcuterie boards and believed that there would be strong demand for a charcuterie service that allowed customers convenient access to grazing platters like those they loved online.

At no obligation, we encourage you to complete the request form for more information to learn more about our thriving business.


This advertisement is not an offer to sell a franchise. Any offer to sell this franchise will be made by a Franchise Disclosure Document and only following registration by GRAZE CRAZE in any state requiring registration prior to sale.View slide 1View slide 2View slide 3View slide 4 AVAILABLE LOCATIONS: Franchise opportunities available across Australia. BUSINESS TYPE: Franchise MINIMUM INVESTMENT: $200,000 TRAINING PROVIDED: Yes

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Master Franchise opportunities available throughout Asia.
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